The UNDERSTATED Keys to Unlocking Success

The understated keys to unlocking  success in whatever area  of your life you’re seeking it in are without a shadow of a doubt threefold; Discipline, Consistency and Responsibility. I know, they’re are not the most ‘sexy’ or exciting buzz words but honestly the truth is hardly every ‘sexy’ or ‘exciting’. I know that success is a topic that has been widely covered by many experts in various fields. I think one of the fields we can all identify with is finance; success in our finances i.e. Financial Success. There is a wealth of knowledge on how to achieve financial success ranging from 4 step processes to personal testimonials, the get-rich-quick schemes and the more infamous ponzi schemes. So it is safe to say that when it comes to achieving success there’s always an expert guiding others, there are those who achieve success on their own and there are those who do not care about success. This week’s post is for everyone. It is for everyone who has been a loyal supporter of the most hot and happening motivational books, tapes and speakers, it is for everyone who is forging their own success and it is for those who do not care about success.

After seven weeks of real, fiery, personal, life changing and utterly heart wrenching testing, trials and tribulations I can truly say that I have been in all three positions; I have read, listened to and even followed what success experts have prescribed; I have devised my own success strategy and I have also not given a damn about anything including achieving success. Throughout this period two things were crystal clear; one being that I need to define what success is and the second is that you cannot escape discipline, consistency and responsibility when achieving success.

So allow me to share a couple of things that I’ve learnt from this seven weeks.


1. Define What Success is in Your Life

What is success? Well according to, success is the accomplishment of one’s goals; it is the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours. What if we stopped asking the question “What is success?” and instead asked “What is success to me?” I have found that defining your success in your own terms has to be one of the hardest, most time-consuming yet utterly fulfilling and enriching things you will ever gift yourself with in your lifetime. I know coming from me, a twenty something year old blogger it may not carry much if at all any weight so I urge you to identify three accessible people in your life whom you admire and look up to, ask them what is success? I assure you that they will define what success is to them. Why? Well it’s pretty simple because knowingly or unknowingly they defined what success in their own life.

I know it seems like a menial task but rest assured it is quite the opposite; do not be fooled. It is a hard process; yes note the word process, it is not instantaneous. You need to literally get in touch with your inner man, in other words, who you are; it means that you literally have to switch off and turn a blind eye on all outside influences (both positive and negative ones) and figure out what success is in your life. I’ve found that doing this is utterly fulfilling and literally renders you somewhat immune to coveting what others have; another positive outcome of this process is that you become your own person, you’re no longer easily swayed by status quo. An example of this can probably be best illustrated with success in wellness, fitness and beauty; when I was growing up, women were told to aspire to have tall, slender, lean and non curvaceous bodies like Naomi Campbell and Janice Dickinson. Natural make-up; long flowy silky hair; calorie-restrictive dieting and cardio-vascular exercises were the hot trends to follow. Fast forward a decade later and we have the reign of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez just to name a few. Are you really willing to change your look every decade? Wouldn’t it be easier to achieve and define your own success in wellness, fitness and beauty?

2. Build Discipline

Out of the three buzz words discipline is the most ‘non-sexy’ and least exciting. Let’s be real, being a disciplined individual is usually very low on the list of what we aspire to be in fact most times it literally rarely features. For a very long time, I used to associate discipline  with strictness and boring, mundane routines. In fact I often went out of my way not to be associated with discipline until I achieved great success and failure in weight loss. The reason why discipline is so unpopular is because it is very hard work, it is hard to be disciplined. Because in essence being disciplined is denying yourself now in order to enjoy later.”Pay Now, Enjoy Later”, discipline has nothing to do with how you’re feeling, it’s all about remembering what you want and just getting on with it regardless of circumstances, feelings and excuses. In the famous words of  well-known footwear manufacturing company Nike you need to Just Do It.

3. Be Consistent

Often times we associate success with grand gestures so we tend to get discouraged and give up easily. This way of thinking is really warped; because being consistent in whatever it is that you need to do be it waking up at 5am every morning or working out every day or studying 3 hours a day is where success is born. The best way I’ve heard it put is that success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. The greatest reward of being consistent is that it allows you to keep your success; because you already have it in-built in you. What does this mean? It will be  long, lengthy and laborious however there’ll be no more get-rich-quick schemes or fad diets. You’ll be the real deal and have the real deal in whatever area of your life you have invested in.

4. Take Responsibility

I know that of the three buzz words this one might be puzzling. It was to me too until I came to the realization that I not my circumstances, parents, sister, boyfriend, friends, family members or that rude stranger…I am responsible for my life and my choices. There’s a little detrimental pattern called the blame-game. We all know what it is and all claim to be free of it but truth be told it is always easier to blame others or circumstances especially when things go array. Taking responsibility not only means ownership but it also acceptance which leads to growth, re-birth and transformation.

5. Develop Tough Skin

Be Tough! Life requires you to be tough, staying in bed all day, giving up on yourself, feeling sorry for yourself and even giving in to all your feelings will not change your circumstances or breed success. You’ll just have to trust me on this one, life will just keep moving and you’ll get left behind and have to make up for lost time. I wish there was a more delicate and diplomatic way of putting this but unfortunately there isn’t. Just be tough, there’ll be haters, enemies, frenemies, horrible bosses, crazy HIIT workouts, failures and so much more; even the Bible tells us that each day will come with trouble of its own.

6. Never Forget the Most Important Factor

The most important factor when achieving success is of course God; having a relationship with God. Daily prayer and studying of the Bible will help you not only be closer to your maker but it’ll help you discover and live out your purpose i.e. God’s will for your life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have it all together but after what I’ve been through these are the lessons I will not forget any time soon.

God bless you all!!!


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