Is it me or is job hunting a pain in the…

Is it just me or is job hunting a pain in the neck? I just don’t understand the whole process and most importantly I don’t understand why I’m at the bottom of the pool!!!

What is expected of me? I read job descriptions and match at least 70%-80% of the requirements yet nothing comes of it… I have volunteered for various organizations, I have two degrees an undergraduate degree and a masters degree, I am multilingual, computer literate, hard working, efficient, passionate about my line of work…. and the list goes on and on and on.

None of that matters. None of it does because whatever it is ‘they’ want? I just don’t seem to have. All I get is the polite REJECTION EMAILS.

Then there’s the ‘3-5 YEARS EXPERIENCE CONUNDRUM’ because we all know that to get experience you need a job but to get a job you need experience. I am now in my mid twenties still living at home with my parents; I have a pathetic resume and very few job opportunities. I live in a society where majority of youth are perceived as lazy, couch potato, TV loving, shallow, narrow minded, celebrity obsessed¬† people. At least that is how I’m made to feel.

have exhausted self help books, online job-sites, networking and connections. Every door is slammed shut in my face. I have even offered to work for free and got rejected too. What is so bad about me or my skills and qualifications? I’ve considered entrepreneurship and self employment but I just don’t have the capital. I know that I’m not the only one experiencing the dilemma’s and woes of youth unemployment.

To all who are in this same situation I salute you, keep pressing hard until you’re officially a productive member of your society. Impact your surroundings in a positive way and later on in your career remember the young job seekers that come behind you. Give them a chance. I know I will.

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