Demystifying Faith



Today’s post might lean towards the spiritual side…. It’s no secret that I’m a Christian and that I love God. Having said that being a Christian in the 21st century is really tough, the concept of faith especially is one that eludes many to the point of throwing in the towel on Christianity and God.

So let’s start with the word itself. What does faith mean? In the Christian perspective we have it clearly defined for us in the Bible in the book of Hebrews, chapter 11 verse one; the New International Version reads “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”. In the world’s perspective faith can be summarized in the following popular slogan “believe it when you see it”. The definitions are polar opposites right? As Christians having faith is believing in what you can’t see and in worldly terms faith is an act that comes when you see what you’ve been hoping for with your own eyes.

In many ways faith pretty much mirrors our relationship with God. As Christians we believe in a God we cannot see, granted that He left us with the Holy Spirit and the Bible, it’s easier to adopt a believe it when you see it kind attitude. I know it’s very hard to entertain the idea of praying and believing in a God you cannot see or reading a book He left behind but many times what you can see with your eyes is not always as it seems.

One thing is clear though faith and hope are essential to living and survival because it’s what the human spirit thrives on. I’ve chosen to put my faith, hope and trust in what I cannot see. It’s tough and I stumble and fall more times than I can even recall but God’s faithfulness and grace has seen me through and I know that He can do the same for anyone who is willing to accept Him. Just think about it. It’s a choice I made in my teens and I’m yet to regret it

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