2 Resolution Killers to Steer Clear From….

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Is it me or has January (or as should I say Njanuary) literally gone by in a flash? (and no I’m not bragging about my saving skills or finances) I literally mean that it feel like we were ushering in the new year yesterday… and we’re already in the third week of February now! Anyway I hope everyone is doing well and forming great habits and sticking to their goals and resolutions.

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As I previously mentioned I’m not doing resolutions this year. Yes there are a few goals I want to achieve but they don’t have a December 2018 expiry date. So far, I have encountered 2 resolution/goal killers that have really made me veer off my intended course. They make discipline, self-control, consistency and impact near impossible to achieve. A closer look at the parable of talents in Matthew 25: 14-30 made me identify these two resolution killers. The parable goes that a master went on a journey and left his three servants with talents; five, two and one respectively. Upon his return, the first slave had doubled his talents and returned 10 talents and likewise the second servant had doubled his talents and returned 4 talents to his master. The third servant however had buried his talent and returned the one talent to his master. His master was furious and referred to him as slothful and wicked. Reflecting on this, I thought that it was harsh of the master to reprimand his third servant, but on second thought I was taken back to Moses, who made a lot of excuses when God had instructed him to go to Egypt. God asked Moses what is that in your hand? God showed Moses that He could use what he had to fulfill His will. He even assured Moses that He will speak for him but Moses kept going on and on and on about his insecurities and why he was not the right man for the job. I think if we are honest with ourselves, more often than not the reason why we fail to walk in our purpose (God’s will for our life) is not because of our environment or circumstances, it’s because we get in our own way and shoot ourselves in the foot. I hope that you’ll be able to identify the things that stop you from walking in your purpose. For me the following two resolution/goal killers are to be watched out for…

# 1 Laziness

I think society’s outlook on laziness is twofold, there’s the condemnation and judgement of laziness and then there’s the glorification of it. I think the latter is responsible for phrases like couch-potato, loaf-about, bum-around etc… Laziness is a goal/resolution killer because it goes against the principle of reaping what you sow .

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Being lazy is comfortable and pleasurable and you almost always feel/see/experience the adverse effects of laziness when everyone who’s been hard at work is succeeding. There’s a terrible cycle that is created when you allow laziness to creep into your life. At first you’re comfortable and you even have fun then all of a sudden something triggers you from your lazy lull. It may be your friend’s promotion or your sibling purchasing a vacation home or your best friend going three dress sizes down. The wake up call makes you realize the adverse effects of laziness i.e. not achieving your goals and not living out your purpose. Depending on your character, you may become depressed with the knowledge that you did this to yourself, you stood in your own way. It’s a very tough place to be in and it’s usually very hard to break free. At times the easiest thing to do is to continue being lazy because it is what you’re familiar with, it’s what you’re good at now. Before you know it, a cycle is born.

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In the parable of the talents in Matthew 25: 14-30, the master cursed the third servant and referred to him as “wicked and slothful”. He likened laziness to wickedness which shows how serious laziness is.

# 2 Lack of Responsibility 

Refusing to take responsibility for your life and your actions in particular is such a self-destructive habit to develop. I think this is especially true when going through a rough patch in life… your actions and attitude during the storms of life really determine your breakthrough season because you reap what you sow. The scary thing about not taking responsibility for your life is that it harbours room for negative mindsets and habits. These negative mindsets then become hindrances to achieving your goals and living out your God given purpose. Some common negative mindsets when things don’t go our way are: anger, blaming others, aloofness and giving up. Breaking free from these mindsets especially when we’ve allowed them to become habitual becomes very challenging. I don’t have it all figured out, I’ve just made the same mistakes so many times over that I can say for a fact that it is not worth it. Just be responsible for your life in all seasons, the good times and the bad times. 

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A personal example of something I used to fall back on when things were not going as I planned was  emotional eating. I was all about the greasy, cheesy, fatty, heavily processed fast food. So I’m talking cookies, cakes, ice cream, burgers, chips, pizza, sausages, bacon (and so much more)…furthermore the portions I was consuming colossal that looking back I know that it’s only by God’s mercy that I am healthy today. This is how messed up my thought process was, I  literally made the decision to expose my body to the myriad of illnesses associated with unhealthy diets because things were not going my way and truth be told, I never truly found the comfort/ relief that I sought, I ended up with a very stuffed belly and lots of kilograms of unnecessary weight.

I hope that this week’s post will prompt you to reflect and identify the goals/resolution killers in your life today!



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