The UNDERSTATED Keys to Unlocking Success

The understated keys to unlocking  success in whatever area  of your life you’re seeking it in are without a shadow of a doubt threefold; Discipline, Consistency and Responsibility. I know, … Continue Reading →

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Dear Kenyan Leaders….

Today’s post is for every leader in the country. I don’t just mean political leaders; in one way or another we are leaders, we have some form of authority bestowed … Continue Reading →

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Good Vs. Evil | The Truth

As I was doing my morning Bible Study, I was reminded of the good old good vs. evil paradigm that so many writers, poets and producers in the entertainment industry … Continue Reading →

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Single Ladies Prepare Yourselves….

Before I get into this, I have to be completely honest, I had a totally different blog planned out for today but this message has been really pressing heavily on … Continue Reading →

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